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DeLorean DMC-12

DeLorean DMC-12 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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My friend said to me the other day that the 80s was the last time anyone on tv drove in a real car; meaning that in movies and tv shows afterwards regular people were portrayed more and more as driving glamourous and completely unrealistic vehicles. I couldn’t agree more- in the 80s if you were on tv you were hauling your Walmart bags in he family Station Wagon just like the rest of us! Here are some memorable ads from the 80s from the mundane to the marvelous as well as some unforgettable ad slogans.

Saturn 1989: A different kind of company, a different kind of car.
Isuzu: Lying Joe Isuzu
Chevrolet: Like a rock Jaguar: A blending of art and machine
Vauxhall: Once driven, forever smitten.
Renault: Renault built a better car.
Volvo: Tested by dummies, driven by the intelligent. Toyota: Today, tomorrow, Toyota.
Toyota: The best built cars in the world.
Toyota: Oh, what a feeling.
Honda: The power of dreams.
Ford: Built Ford tough.
Ford: Have you driven a Ford lately?
BMW: The ultimate driving machine.

CITROEN Nouvelle CX2 featuring Grace Jones courtesy soued

ISUZU Gemini Car dancing in Paris courtesy Edmond Siu

FORD Meteor courtesy mightycarmods

HONDA city Hypershift courtesy hugeshows

Cadillac Style courtesy llamaskank

FORD Taurus 1986 courtesy MrClassicAds1980s

TRANS AM Pontiac Firebird courtesy VintageTVCommercials

1989 ROVER 200 launch courtesy GustavoFAlmeida

LEXUS LS400 Balance courtesy EL Summa

HONDA Accord courtesy mammer90

AMC Eagle courtesy 1xmaw

PLYMOUTH 1983 courtesy MrClassicAds1980s

FORD Temp 1984 courtesy Jason Harder

FORD Mustang SVO 1984 courtesy Jimvna

DELOREAN DMC-12 courtesy dmc4708

CAMARO IROC-Z 1986 courtesy mycommercials

PLYMOUTH Duster 1985 courtesy takutaq

AAMCO Transmissions Late Groom courtesy VCRchivist

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