Ads from the Cola Wars

See also:  Cola Wars, Print, Cars, Food/ Restaurants, McDonalds, Holidays, Products, Toys/Games, Travel. new cokeThe 1980s saw competition between soft drink giants Pepsi and Coke get down and dirty. Kids in my school daily enacted the Pepsi Challenge in the lunchroom and on the morning bus, writing their preference in the morning condensation of the school bus windows. A young Michael J. Fox tried moving heaven and earth to get his building cutie a Pepsi while Cyndi Crawford gulped down a diet to the appreciation of males everywhere and hippie kids just wanted to teach the world to sing along with Coke. There were genius ads going around during the Cola Wars.  Since the 80s we’ve discovered that soda isn;t so great for our waistlines or blood sugar and not to mention diet soda’s effects on the kidneys (shoutout to all my stone sisters). If you’re looking to leave this 80s habit behind and get a little healthier, the folks over at have some tips to help you do it.     Slogans: Coca Cola: The Real Thing Coke: Always Coca Cola Coke: Coke is it! Coke: Can’t beat the feeling Diet Coke: Just for the taste of it…Diet Coke. Diet Coke: 11:30, Diet Coke break… Pepsi: The Choice of a New Generation Pepsi: The right one Diet Pepsi: Now you see it, now you don’t Coca Cola Ads Mean Joe Green courtesy stiggerpao Coke is it! courtesy scificola Have a Coke and Smile courtesy pizzaguy2002 I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing courtesy Iplum4food Coke is it! courtesy notareptile99 Feel the Heat courtesy Marcello Maiorani Max Headroom courtesy djfont Japanese Coke is it courtesy hiro sampei Diet Coke Whitney Houston courtesy MyranndaMorbid Diet Coke Paul Abdul courtesy Anthony Carter Diet Coke courtesy Internet Lurker Can’t beat the feeling courtesy oonai5000 11:30 Diet Coke courtesy nlucastld New Coke challenge courtesy retroguy80s New Coke courtesy eyeh8cbs New Coke Bill Cosby courtesy Gareth Stearns Coca Cola 3 litre courtesy Jason Harder Crystal Pepsi can- t-ricky82 Pepsi Ads           A New Generation courtesy GiraldiMedia Pepsi Michael J Fox long version courtesy tracy80sgirl Pepsi Opera courtesy Go4Taste Pepsi Library courtesy tracy80sgirl Pepsi twin robot courtesy Jessy Leppert Pepsi Airplane courtesy pizzaguy2002 Pepsi vs New Coke courtesy tracy80sgirl Pepsi David Bowie courtesy MyranndaMorbid Pepsi Now You see it Now You don’t courtesy lucnatang Pepsi Madonna courtesy MyrannaMorbid Pepsi Cindy Crawford courtesy vish79 Pepsi Challenge 1983 courtesy GrubcoTV3 Pepsi Future courtesy 28stieren Pepsi Challenge 1981 courtesy MrClassicAds80s

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